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A Grafton Sunday ­Night

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So here I am. I have some work to do. Something about a patient/client case study. I am supposed to use the clinical reasoning skills I have been taught. Sort of Sherlock Holmes the nurse. I will be presenting it later in the week. Motivation is an issue.

I went home for the weekend. I felt ill, I did my laundry and that was all. I curled up in bed, in the hammock or on the sofa. I took ‘Cold and Flu’ pills which bought my temperature down a bit. I notice things like that now. On my phone I read about the steady progress of the Ebola pandemic. I read of the symptoms and wondered if Grafton had it’s own strain. When my eyes got too scratchy I listened to podcasts. I listened to a Guardian Journo talking about Edward Snowden. Eventually my headache was too horrible so I read stuff again. It is a common cold, I have been waiting for it to run it’s course. Tomorrow is my first day in a new position. I will have to dose myself up with more pills and try not to cough, sniff or sneeze.

I’m not making sense anymore. I cannot remember what I am writing this for. I learned a new phrase last trimester, “Pressured Speech”. When a person cannot get the words out fast enough, the ideas keep piling up and the words come pouring out. I may have a milder version of this at times. It makes it hard to organise ones thoughts. Being sick and tired does not help either.

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