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Bicycle ­Lights

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Every 6 months or so I find myself at the bicycle shop buying another set of blinking LED bicycle lights. The last pair having inevitably fallen apart; fallen off or ceased to work. It always costs 10 bucks more than I expect. They always have new and irritatingly imperfect ways to fasten to my bike. I hate to think how much money I have spent on the infernal things. For a few short years I was happy with a Shimano hub dynamo and light I pinched off a mate (Thx Brisbane Matt). I have been drooling over the SON hub dynamos for too long now. My tight-fisted nature has prevented me from shelling out the astronomical price required.

Green bicycle by the sea with a thong (AKA flip-flop) hanging on the handlebars
I rode my lovely Oppy down to Macauleys Headland for a swim last week

At least I have decent bicycle riding footwear :)

This post is just a note to myself in case I find myself in an unlikely scenario in which I decide to blow a bucket of cash on ridiculously expensive bicycle paraphernalia.

2019/9 UPDATE Sinewave Cycles Beacon Dynamo Headlight has a built in USB connection which could save some space on the handlebars. Also what is this… a Norski competitor to Rohlhoff? Called Kindernay, it’s available sometime this year (2019).

Hmmm… I can see this post growing over time.

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