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Data URI Scheme
Live edit text in your web-browser

Just a quick post to remind myself of the data URI scheme. This is something I should be incredibly familiar with given my history of work but I am mostly clueless.

This morning I have been helping my partner compose a bunch of words. The process has involved lots of to and fro with temporary swathes of text which I have quickly edited before sending back. I found using the data URI scheme to be a quick and efficient method to hammer out text without flipping between apps and windows.

Everything is in the browser. I pasted the code below into a new tab in my browser and just started typing

data:text/html, <body contenteditable style="font: 2rem/1.5 monospace;max-width:60rem;margin:0 auto;padding:4rem;">

So bloody easy.

the title of this post is taken from the code word used to get infinite lives in Jet Set Willy.

The bathroom in Jet Set Willy
Only when you complete the game do you find all the amenities

You had to type it in whilst in the room with the toilet under the stairs and the door to the master bedroom guarded by Maria the housekeeper who was angrily tapping her toes. Maria would not allow you entry until you had cleaned up after the previous nights wild party.


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