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Chiang ­Mai

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Our first night in Chang Mai was pretty much a gi-normous stuff up. Ev and I got seperated in a crowd and did not manage to find each other again for about 4 very scary hours. The Chiang Mai tourist police, who are volunteers that work closely with the normal police helped look for him. I scoured those bloody markets from top to toe with the help of half the city watch for four hours.

The Tourist Police were very reassuring and explained that clueless tourists like me are always mislaying children, grandmothers and deaf uncles. Several times a week. At the time I must admit I did not feel very reassured.

As it happened Evan did what I sort of knew, deep down, exactly what he would do. He ran off in the opposite direction that we were walking and found a place none of us had been to. He waited for a short while then walked off into the city until eventually he decided to flag a taxi. He had no idea where to go so the poor taxi drove him around on a general sort of tour. Eventually the Taxi driver and his family (they were all onboard) took Ev to the police and we were all happily reunited.

So, if you are ever in Chang Mai let the police know that the volunteer tourist police are the best and always get your taxi rides with Noi on 0861806417

Today was a fine day. We bought a SIM card each and are now both trackable by mobile phone. No more getting lost! Cheri called us and she gave me a right good bollocking. I’m a bad man. Then we borrowed a motorbike and drove all over the city so that we could NOT get lost anymore. We finally had a late lunch up in the hills above Chang Mai. Out of the city surrounded by trees and water and it was lovely.

We also tracked down our Muay Thai School and have made a tentative time to start training.

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