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Bling ­String

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Ev my teenage son is growing up. He dyes his hair and listens to loud music. It beats pooping his pants and chucking tantrums at the sweety counter. I think he is pretty cool. He did not want me to take this picture he knew I was up to something. I was… I just had to get a snap of him wearing his ‘Bling String’. He makes these bracelets out of rags and coins and puts them on when he goes out. It is a Teen Thing.

Ev sitting on some steps wearing a bracelet made of rags
Ev has his own style

Since about age 7 he has been studying martial arts of various types. I even enrolled along with him for a while in Taekwondo. Now that he is 14-going-on-adult I think it is time to have an expedition (before he no longer wants anything to do with his old man).

So my plan is for us to take off to Thailand for a month or two where I hope to spend some time at a Muay Thai training camp (Like this or this). We’ll probably head off during the second half of July and be back in time for my Mums visit in October.


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