Shark Attack

We went to the Curryfest last weekend which was pretty good. Of course we ended up spending most of the time with Emrys in the playpark with hundreds of kids.

Em at the curryfest

I have just returned from a weekend at Station Creek with Ev. We hung out like feral boys. I bought Ev some of that Coopers Malt drink (fake beer) and real beer for me. We went fishing, peed in the bush and didn’t wash. …and so his path to manhood progresses.

Whilst I was standing in the water, with my handline and a piece of pilchard, Ev spotted a hungry shark heading straight for me. So I told him to go get the camera for a macho photo opportunity but he freaked and told me to get out of its way. Then I saw it…


A monster… no not really and Evan didn’t even get the camera, but it did go straight for me.

I think it just wanted to hump my leg or be friends. It was a fantastic looking wobbegong or ‘carpet shark’. They get their name from the beautiful deep pattern on their skin which resembles a persian rug.

Anyhow I was in its way, so I hopped back onto the rocks, wasn’t scared… honest.

The wobbegong hung around a while, which sort of put us off fishing as we didn’t really want to catch such a beautiful creature - we had a tin of beans for supper instead.

…so much for us going all cave-man.

Evan makes himself comfy Evan catches some bait Ev Fishing Off the rocks Campsite Marauder