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Pear ­Juice

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I have a knotted leather-gumby in my belly.
Things ain’t been right since the weekend.
To put it bluntly , I need a good shit.

Tinned Pear Juice
It’s the Juice that gets you loose

I resorted to some advice I received whilst working in Aged Care as a student nurse. Pear Juice, specifically the cheap stuff in a tin. One of the lovely old dears who was a retired nurse told me,

  “It’s cheap and always does the job.”

This was accompanied by much general agreement by all around. I was struck by how universally known Tinned Pear Juice was in this place.
I wonder what that means for me?

I just had a glass, let’s see where this leads.

If you don’t hear any more about it, you will know.

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