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Worn ­Out

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Tan coloured dog on dry rocky hilltop with a distant lake behind
Winnie above Stephens Reservoir

After my previous post you will understand why I went for an extended run/walk with my long suffering fat dog. I followed it up with a visit to the rebooted Broken Hill Park Run. The first one in two years. My legs were sore from the previous day but I made myself run the easy 5k flat course. I stayed to clap and cheer the finishers. Everyone was very friendly and chatty. It was nice to be out in the community after the past year of crap.

Park runners milling around at the dusty finish line
Broken Hill Park Run reboots, that’s me with the white cap on

Later in the evening I tried my hand at some of the exercises I’d found in my detritus. I have never been able to do chin-ups. My proportion of muscle vs dead weight is just wrong, I’ll keep trying. Squats and anything involving my legs was out. My legs muscles are so sore. It’s the good pain though.

A map of the Broken Hill region showing the original Aboriginal nation boundaries
A map of the Broken Hill region showing the original Aboriginal nation boundaries

I was pleased when @GwenfarsGarden shared this map of Australia from the perspective of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. We had it on our kitchen wall in Sawtell for years. It would be great to use it as an overlay when navigating. I have always loved knowing the history of the land I live on, it makes everything richer.

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