a picture my son drew of a wave on a beach

Camping in ­Sawtell

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Dang! Yellow is ugly, I’l have to change the colour again. ‘scuse me while I go upstairs to get another glass of wine…

Aaaaagh!! this keyboard is wobbling, Evan is watching a disney (aka satan) movie called, “dinosaur” very loudly. Emrys is sleeping on my arm hence the one fingered typing. We just got back from a great weekend down the coast at Sawtell. It was great we camped out and got raided by a couple of huge lizardy dinosaur things. I got a few photos… on the way.

The baby page was getting a bit bulky so here is a more general one for everyone. I’ll have to try and organise them a bit and maybe make them a bit easier to use… but then again I could just .. well not.

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