Day 56 Broken Hill

New Car?

There’s this old ute near my place. It has been well used, like many of the cars out here. It’s like the glam version of my ute.

Thashed Ute

I’ve not actually used a tank of petrol in the last 50 or so days. The shops are a short walk away and I am riding my bicycle at every chance. I’m not sure if I could thrash my ute as badly as this one.

I wish my ute was as cool as this one

On Friday I visited the National Parks & Wildlife offices and they kindly gave me information for all the local National Parks. When I say local it is not like in England, they are a bit of a drive away and there are fewer tea shops. I am pretty keen to go camp out there before the summer returns. The sky at night always seems clearer when it’s cold. Many of the roads are unsealed so maybe I will get the chance to thrash my ute after all.