1. We Moved

    Last Tuesday we emptied our little house into the back of a removal truck. After a quick tidy and a last tearful visit to family we set off on the trail to Broken Hill. Z&JB had to wait on some repairs to their car. They followed on at a …

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  2. Testing Times

    My current favourite local bit of coast. I'm going to miss the sea.

    Monday morning at work I started running a slight temperature. My shoulders and neck ached. I work with immunocompromised patients so it was safest to go home. I am a nurse so in the interest of keeping me in the workforce I was tested for COVID-19. The test was …

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  3. Escape Routes

    In my continuing effort to make moving to Broken Hill quantifiable here are some extremely rough travelling numbers.

    From To Plane Train Bus Car Bicycle Walk
    Broken Hill Adelaide (500km) $200
    no train $20
    5hrs 1w 1m
    Broken Hill Coffs Harbour (1,400km) $500
    $120 …
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  4. SEIFA Wonks

    Socio-Economic Index Map of Broken Hill

    This is interesting. The SEIFA map shows Broken Hill as an island of Socio-economic advantage in an ocean of disadvantage. I prefer to think of the glass half full so I am ignoring the quote at the top of that post. When it comes down the quantifiable it seems Broken …

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  5. Going for Broke

    We have both secured jobs in Broken Hill and have made the decision to make the move. We are jumping in with both feet, albeit with a lifeline back here in Coffs. We are renting our house out and buying one in Broken Hill. I hope to keep our mortgage …

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  6. Rum in the Bahamas

    Magnum PI can take the heat

    I wish I was on a beach in the Bahamas. There might be a cool breeze; it might not be quite so insanely hot and the cocktails, unike the one I just invented, would not be so disgusting. I stuck some coconut milk in a jar with sugar syrup, ice …

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  7. Porkellis Mines

    After I learned to ride a bicycle my horizon expanded. I was soon pedalling all the way to the bus stop without stopping to touch the ground. Riding my bike was as close as I could get to flying. At school I had learned that the Mongolian horsemen lived in …

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  8. Shoah (שואה)

    Uncle J wanted to visit the “Jewish Holocaust Museum“. He’d been banging on about it for a while so we decided to take him on a flying trip to visit. The 1 hour flight was cancelled so we drove for 6 hours instead. Sydney was pushy; dirty; noisy and …

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  9. Smoko

    Like everything the view out our window is clogged with smoke.

    Just when we think the bushfires must have burnt themselves out they just keep on going. Every morning we are waking up to thick smoke. This was the view out our window yesterday morning and it is the same today. Not a cloud in sight, just thick dirty wood smoke …

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  10. Last Year

    Last year I was wondering which way to go in my work life. I started an oncology post-grad but quickly lost motivation. My cynicism around the higher education sausage machine got the better of me. I ended up doing Plan 2:

    a year goofing off. I could work less; spend …

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