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12 years ago I was trying hard to earn a living building stuff using Drupal. A clever chap from Brighton called Jeremy Keith was doing the same but with more success than me. He built a wonderful tool for creating your own podcast called huffduffer. I’ve used huffduffer on and off ever since.

The Huff-Duff unit from the HMS Belfast, credit

Huff-Duff is a method for triangulationg the position of a radio transciever. HuffDuffer ‘triangulates’ audio files on the web. What prompted this post was some useful additions to the huffduffer toolset which I wanted to document.

Ryan Barratt a longstanding Indie web-dev, author of Bridgy, put together huffduff-video. Building on the brilliant Youtube-dl project Huffduff-video converts online videos into audio files and sends them to your huffduffer feed.

huffduffer is a website not an app so this makes it less accessible to mobile users. To get round this I found a useful article by gRegor explaining a really simple way to set huffduffer up on an Android. Now if I find something I want to listen to I just share it to my huffduffer mixtape.

It should be easy enough to do something similar on an iPhone. Jordan Reed has a recipe for this over on Medium.

Let me know if you find any other handy hacks or recipes.

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