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9 Mile

Winnie at the end of her run
Broke the dog

I just took Winnie for a run down 9 mile single track. It is actually only about 8km but leads to 9 mile road. Winnie managed 6.47km before collapsing (I hung my Garmin off her collar). I put her in the ute and took her home for a dunk in the pool. She was a bit over-heated.

Poor Winnie, I think I’ll keep her runs below 3km from now on.

On another note, I want to build a slideshow thing for the site using just HTML and CSS.

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The <dfn> tag

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When you touch the highlighted word the definition should appear
This is sort of what my attempt at making the <dfn> title appear on mobile looks like

In a previous post (pictured above) I wrote how I would like to enable mobile users to read the title text in the <dfn> tags. I didn’t mention that I also thought …



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An illustration from HG Wells, The Time Machine, the artist was Virgil Finlay
HG Wells wrote The Time Machine - predicting the future degeneracy of the Murdochs Morlocks. This illustration may be a tad degenerate itself…

I just posted this on the echo chamber that is FB,

Hey Australia, at the very least read the Uluru Statement before the 14th of October.

Before you …


Write thoughts

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Like pretty much all the posts on this blog this one represents another unfinished thought. I am prompted to write this because I re-read my previous post, Showies. In it I began with my usual nostalgic claptrap before wending my way into my experience of the Silver City Show. I …



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We have lived in Broken Hill for over three years and this evening we finally went to the Silver City Show.

a 1989 exhibit in the pavillion inspired the insignia on the ticket to entry
Silver City Pastoral and Agricultural Association keeping a great show on the go

As a kid I used to go to the Spring Festival celebrations in Cornwall with roots …


Another Sunday

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The Hay Wain, a cart in a creek but Constable loved the clouds
John Constable’s, ‘cart bogged in creek’

A truly dull Sunday. I have been doing the tax. I do not really feel like it. On the plus side, tomorrow is a local Broken Hill holiday, Picnic Day. Maybe things will pick up.



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A blurry old photo of my Mum in hiking boots and red socks standing by an estuary
My Ma living by the latin phrase, Solvitur Ambulando

Even though it looks like my Mum is about to cheekily poke her tongue out at the photographer it reminds me of Ivan Bilibin’s beautiful illustration which I used on this post and currently on my 404 error page.

Thinking …



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A quick note because I have to get out the door and go to work… gah.

I recently removed the restrictions on my robots.txt file.

This site has been denying access to most bots for the past year:

# Welcome to Tregeagle

User-agent: archive.org_bot
Allow: /

User-agent: ia_archiver …

Back in Broken Hill

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I got back into Broken Hill on Saturday night and slept like the dead. That journey home absolutely kills. Yesterday I just loved being home. Having a shower in my own shower, eating with Re & H on the couch, watching some telly and going to bed. In my own freaking …


Tail End

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Is it the Tale or Tail End? Coming to the end of my European journey I have waved goodbye to R&H and will follow them back to the outback in a few days. I am not sure what to make of my time away from Broken Hill and how …



It already seems an age since visiting Cornwall. Next week I will be putting Re and H on a plane going back to Broken Hill. I will be following them a week later.

Since leaving Cornwall Re and I have been documenting our travels on Facebook and Instagram. I have …


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