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How do I go about filling three pages of foolscap from within a text editor? Do I write it longhand count the words and compare it the same number of words on the screen? I’m not sure if it matters. I do not want to write it longhand. I’d prefer to type it. I understand our brains work differently around the process of scribing letters as opposed to pressing buttons. I feel that no matter the method the brain is trying to work it’s same magic and typing can become as expressive and the written word. If only because we become better practised at spitting the words out without the medium getting in the way. I guess that is my aim to remobve the barriers of the medium. Of course the inner geek in me likes the idea of my private musings being seacrhable in electronic format. I cannot help myself. I collect digital archives, like so many of us. I don’t really want to publish everything but I do want to be able to pick out the pearls of what I am trying to say. I am also lazy. I talk about howI’d like to become a writer and I occaisonally try to write something amusing of erudite. I always fail. I think this could be because I stopped writing for writing’s sake. Not that I ever had much of a habit. There was that one time when I was travelling alone and I kept a brief diary or wrote letters. The diary was written in tiny scrawled writing. It was almoist as if I was trying to hide the words as I wrote them. All my moronic, narcissistic and shallow thoughts gathered into bundles of words. It’s hard to keep writing my thoughts are constipated. If I go back and read over what I have already written I stop. I want to go back and fix my typos, spelling errors and

I saw a notebook reviewed in the back of a magazine yesterday. The mere fact a notebook was being reviewed ought to be of concern. Despite the review I am still at a loss why it sells for fifty four dollars. Perhaps if I wrote in such a book the import of my words would become evident to the world at large. Or then again I might just be an idiot. I mention this because I happened to glance at a notebook which I think Choppy gave me. It is covered in trendy brown cardbard and the pages are dotted instead of lined. The design makes me feel that things I write in it are going to+ be cool and arty. However the illusion is destroyed before I can begin by an imitation lithograph on the cover which is of a cartoon figure farting a cloud of japanese text. Perhaps the content of the Japanese words in the fart cloud save this image from it being crude but I suspect they don’t.

Writing in a constant stream is failing me this morning. Perhaps I was too late and perhaps the medium of typing as opposed to handwriting is to blame. Or maybe it is the interruptions and the coffee and breakfast. Whatever the reason I am noticing my sentance structure is jumbled and my thoughts disconnected. Everytime this text editor (nano) reaches the end of a line it starts to scroll the line of text away to the left. Which would be fine if I never looked at the screen to see how much of the black screen I have filled up. Which is none, unless I press Ctrl-J to justify the line I am on. Of course when I do that It essentially justifies the single line into a paragraph, so I will. The entire screen is divided simply between the text I have written and the background which is John Snow’s map of cenral London with the water pump directly under the beginning of this sentance.

You see now all my sentances are getting muddled because I was pressing Ctrl-K instead of Ctrl-J so I was not justifying my sentances I was deleting them. When I realised I tried to fix it by pressing Ctrl-U to UnCut the text. I have a feeling there are still a couple of sentances missing. There is no Undo, pressing Ctrl-Z just suspends the whole shebang to the computers memory. My thoughts end up as dislocated scraps inside the device. I suspect Nano is not going to cut it as my text editor of choice. Although I do love the simplicity of the open screen. All distractions blocked and I just type. Suzy is home so my time is up.

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