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I have a ­customer

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He wants me to build him that thing, you know, only different.

You know what I want”.

I know what I think you want. That is what I build. It is not what my customer wanted. I ask my customer to be more specific. My customer specifies what he does not want. I remove the bits he does not want. It is still not what my customer wanted.

Now what?

Should I ask my customer again, what does he want? Should I build the thing in the way I believe is correct. Do I need to convince the customer that the way I want to make it is the right way?

If I am successful and the customer accepts my vision. Then is what I build mine or his? If I fail and build what the customer asks for it will fail. The customer does not understand what it is they are asking for. If they knew what they were asking for they would not want it.

I do not want to build things for you people anymore.

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