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On my bookshelf I have an old copy of Bristows Book of Yachts. It travelled with me, 26 years ago, from the UK to Australia. It has always been a reminder of a path I have not yet travelled, that of getting my own boat to live aboard.
I long ago gave up on the idea of ever building my own boat. I have spent enough time building them for other people with more money than me. I would like instead to buy a boat to live aboard.

I am going to use this post as a starting point in the journey to buying a live aboard boat.

Once I have worked out the logistics of buying a boat I will need to work out a myriad of other things. One step at a time.

Online Brokers

Bristows Book of Yachts has evolved onto the internet.

My budget is now dependant on selling a house and paying a mortgage. I reckon our max price will be $200k. I am allowing for wiggle room to refit and repair anything we buy (+ ~30% of purchase price). The less we pay the more time we have to spend on the refit and cruising.

Rough Conversions:
$200k AUD (December ‘21): (USDx1.43) 140k; (EURx1.62) 123k; (GBPx1.89) 106k
1 foot = 0.3048 metres therefore: max 44ft=13.4m & min 35ft=10.6m

Boat Research

These links are a start but I think chatting to more experienced boaties will be more productive.

More reading

‘Factory’ Yachts

Plenty of pro’s and con’s to a secondhand mass-produced boat. I think for the fair weather sailing I expect to do for the first few years there are more pro’s. I’d prefer not to though.

Some months later and I have changed my tune about the above boats.
Am I already turning into an armchair snob and elitist? I am recognising and remembering the good and the bad of yacht design albeit as a greenhorn. The value of well keeled boat that holds it’s line in a heavy sea and has a skeg hung rudder that will survive the odd knock.

Designers (DIY/Yard builds)

Inspo Boats

I have been inspired by; heard about or even traveled on these boats

Some people who have been kind enough to share their boaty lives and info about their boats in no particular order:

People & Forums

Australia (and the world) loves certi-fucking-fications

Boat Gear


These books have been recommended or are on my wishlist

Other articles
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