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Second 5yr ­Plan

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Back in early 2017 Re and I made a five year plan. It was vague and mainly concerned with paying off our mortgage. I had not had a mortgage for 15 years and was quite upset with the feeling that I was going rapidly backwards financially.

Baldrick saying, I have a cunning plan
No turnips involved, honest

We made the plan to pay our house off within 5 years. Over the next 5 years we did the opposite. We doubled our mortgage used it to renovate our house and buy a house in Broken Hill. Luckily houses in Broken Hill are relatively cheap so it cost half the price of our Coffs Harbour house. We currently owe $400k against our two houses which could be worth about $800k.

We have pretty average Superannuation balances which don’t count for anything until we hit retirement age. I also have 80k invested in ETFs. Back in 2017 I had 50k invested and hardly anything in my Super. The last five years has shown me that I am OK. I’m not about to become homeless, in fact I am doing well.

I would like the next 5 years to be about doing stuff I love. I am in my 50s. If I survive to my 70s I would like some stories to tell.

Throwing it out there … here I am age 52 in 2021 in another 5 years it will be 2026 and I’ll be 57. If I am not in the middle of the place I want to be then it’s unlikely I will ever be.

Let’s brainstorm

  1. Fit - I want to be fit and healthy
  2. I want to be confident I can continue to earn a wage
  3. To maintain my relationships and I hope still be in this one!

That’s the obvious stuff out of the way. How about the plans, which are guaranteed to change. Yet I have to make them otherwise I’ll stay where I am and I will go stale, get fat and die if I don’t move on.

  1. Sail slowly around the planet
  2. Get a live-aboard blue-water sailing boat and change life to fit.
  3. Bicycle slowly around the planet.
  4. I bought the bicycle and can leave with a weeks notice.

The sailing option has just become my favourite choice since Re has told me she will come too. Harly is also keen. Of course this could change when we are all sea-sick on a choppy sea with uncertain weather. Let’s worry about that when it happens. Plans can change and nothing is forever.

A Plan

2022    - Go sailing; research; education; downsize
2022/3  - Buy a sailing boat (Steel or GRP monohull, 32/42 foot, >$100k)
    > keep at least one house
2023/4  - Move onto boat
    > Continue working as RN - Float/Casual
    > Sail Slowly around Australia + Lord Howe
2025/6  - Sail to Asia/Japan/Pacific/Murica/Europe/Mediterranean
    > write the next installment: '2026-5yrs_later'
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