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This is the third time I have sat at the computer to write this. The first time I ended up looking up information about kayaks and drones. I had met with Dan Arden yesterday, we talked about drones and I wanted to send him a link I had referenced. I also wanted to have a look at a kayak he’d mentioned. Of course it is not cheap another little luxury I cannot afford. The second time I sat down was to pay some bills and sell some crap shares that I never should have bought. I am as financially astute as a badger, which is not particularly astute.

So, third time lucky. Of course as I type I see Rodney’s ute pulling into the driveway and Pippy is barking. Rodney and I are going to shift the caravan around to get it level. I then need to clean the kitchen and wash the caravan windows and mow the grass. Fucking life. Gates creaking he’s coming in now I’d better get dressed.

OK, so he’s in the shower. I have a few minutes before I get on with my day.

This is not really working, I believe the idea is that I get up at the crack of dawn and write this whilst everyone else is asleep and my brain is in the barely woken state. I’m not sure about my brain though. Of course I am sleepy at times but I never remember my dreams, I suspect I have a well defined boundary between my dreamlike state and my conscious state. Then again maybe I don’t.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I decided to fast for the day, the hardest part of that was skipping breakfast. Breaking my fast is my favourite part of the day. I tend to over eat because I enjoy it so much. Luckily I had a fire call which distracted my belly. I think I had two calls actually. Once all that was over with I cycled back home and geared up for a big run with OSM and Endomondo. I wanted to do 20k. I kept it simple and ran along Boambee beach and tacked on an extra couple of k’s by running out to the end of the Villeville Bay breakwall. The return trip was a little slower. I would like to practice that until I can do it without so much pain. I had improved my pace from the prior year. I’m seriously considering entering the Gold Coast marathon as well as the Kokoda Challenge. The two events are within a fortnight of each other. The marathon first and the 100k Kokoda thing next. I think I can do it. I just need to spend the rest of this month and the next building up my endurance. I intend to try and knock over 50k a week. I have done 50k inthepast three days. I should probably rest now. Maybe just some short 5k runs for a couple of days. I think during thesecond half of February I could start switching to strength training runs and workouts. I think 40-50k is probably reasonable to maintain. Then after strength training for 6 weeks I could switch back to endurance and try to lift my distances.

After my 20k run I came home drank a couple of litres of water and tea, had a shower and my pager went off for the third time that day. So I jumped onmy bicycle and headed back to the fire station. It was just an AFA. I stopped to visit Dan on the way home and we chatted. Then we decided to go for a paddle, Dan wanted me to try out his boat. We went to Bonville creek and I took Dans boat up the creek for 20 minutes or so. I was very wobbly at first and fell in a couple of times. By the time we returned I was feeling a lot more sturdy. So I agreed to return at 3.30 on Saturday arvo to enter a club race. They apparently have a club boat I can borrow. I think this could be just the thing to even up all this running I am doing.

Of course my main worry about all this is finding I do not actually have the time to physically fit in all these activities and still maintain my overly complex household. Whilst Suzy and Rodney are away next week I intend to go running and make Agrippa come with me on his bicycle. I’m not sure what to do with him during tomorrow’s kayak race.

During yesterday’s running and fire-calls a thought formed about building an app to utilise Libre tools to monitor my run, or any physical activity. Endomondo was the inspiration, but I would like it to be my data. So the idea is that I could install or use the API to talk to services such as OSM, libre.fm or that picard/musicbrainz thing. Then build a nice interface to display stats and maps etc. The data could be used to encourage the runner to improve or draw giant pricks on the map. It’s a bit ofa shit idea. Basically Endomondo for freetards. I could name it Slippery Penguin. I like the idea of it being a completely open infrastructure so that coders can add their own modules and functionality. I imagine the core could just be a conduit to collect as much data as possible but importantly the main aim is to give the users total control over who gets what. Security, encryption and no logging would be paramount. The kind of data collected could be everything and anything. Then the permissions the user sets would allow various modules/services to display them in various interfaces (phones, web browsers etc).

OK crapped on enough for now. I need to get showered and started for my day. Caravan won’t fix itself.

Dear gawd… Rael wants to stay a month in the winter!

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