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Australia is ­burning

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I should not read the news.

We will probably never count the hundreds of millions of wild creatures who have been burnt or choked in the bushfires this summer. The survivors are now parched and starving amongst the ashes and the fires are still raging. Is the fate of the koalas a precursor of our own fate or our childrens future lives?

Our leaders have failed us and continue to do so without shame.

Like a depressed insomniac the news cycle dismantles every solution and every hero we find. Are they right? Wrong? Insensitive? A snowflake? 9 reasons to agree? 10 reasons to disagree? The news cycle keeps shouting at us what we should think. It’s exhausting and it never stops. Our latent heros and solutions become buried in the the chaos of the news. We turn off, stop caring. Why bother we can’t change it anyway. Welcome to the New Democracy.

Sharing the news is just adding to the shouting match. We feel like we are acting to fix what is wrong, surely people will listen? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et al. will pass on your messages but to whom? Our collective power is melded by social media into their collected asset. The social-media barons get to point ”their” firehose loaded with ”our” emotive posts at their ”target”. Social media has turned us into tools.

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