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Chiang Mai Days

Our first night in Chiang Mai was pretty stressful but the rest of our trip has been awesome.

Riding around Northern Chiang Mai today I passed this:

Chiang Mai Computer Shop
A computer shop in Chiang Mai

I woke the owner up, he spoke a little english and said that we open source people should stick together and share the knowledge. He looked a bit sleepy so I let him toddle back to bed.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 2 of our Muay Thai training and I am sore all over. My old bones are showing the wear and tear they’ve had over the years. After this mornings training we took the scooter for a ride around town. Ev was very scared riding round the corners. he does not like leaning.

We also explored Chinatown, Cheri called and had a chat whilst we perused the crazy stalls and admired the rickshaws and bikes.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009 - 01:42

We saw a huge beautiful butterfly whilst exploring some waterfalls up at Doi Suthep. Evan also managed to snap a picture of a black dragonfly.

Later in the evening we revisited the Sunday walking markets and had a lovely time trying all the little snacks. Unfortunately by the time we found the insect stall I was full up. At least I know where to find it next week. Yum.

Bum is one of the dogs that lives at Lanna Muay Thai. Like most Thai dogs Bum has the wonderful ability to lay around and lick his balls all day, regardless of the crazy traffic or fight training going on all around him.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009 - 00:07

Hot and sweaty at training tonight. A few of our club are going to Loiktroh for a fight tonight. I think Ev and I will give it a miss. We are pretty stuffed.

Thursday, August 6, 2009 - 23:01

Ev has flaked out on the bed. We went to training this morning, and followed that with a trip to the Zoo. I had been looking for an excuse to hire Noi’s Songtaw. Noi and her partner (Nuu-ie, I think) looked after Evan when he got lost on our first night in Chiang Mai, see my last post.

So the Zoo was Zoo-ey. Animals needlessly imprisoned and all that. The biggest drawcard for the Zoo was a newly born Panda. So we skipped that and followed a heap of Thai’s into ‘The Snow Dome’. We had no less than three safety briefings and everyone had to don protective gear. I got in trouble because I did not put on the allotted snow boots. Then we were taken into an airlock and given one last briefing before being led into a room. It was about the size of a tennis court and full of snow and some plastic frozen pandas. Everyone went wild and squealed, then ran around like dills. It was nice to escape the midday heat for ten minutes.

Ev was buggered by the time Noi dropped us home. So he has been reading and is now sleeping. I went to training and am now sore, tired and hungry. Time to wake him up I think….

Saturday, August 8, 2009 - 18:46

Tired out today - usual stuff. A.M. Train, eat, sleep, P.M. Train

November 2022

Since writing this post an age ago I recovered a few of the old photo’s that I did not share. Back in 2009 tech was more limiting as you can see from the previous videos. Any way this is what I found:

A scrappy old street do from Chiang Mai having a drink of water from one of several plastic cups
At the gym Ev and I went to was a dog called Bum. Bum was much like this dog. Kind of ugly but proud of it
Ev in the ring facing up to his trainer
Ev was in his element in Chiang Mai
Ev looking unwell eating soup
When we first flew into Thailand we both had a cold. We spent a few days feeling sick in Bangkok. I suggested we go out and try some Tom Yum, I’m not sure Evan enjoyed it.
A rough and ready outdoor gym
In Bangkok we found this outdoor gym, it was similar to the one we used in Chiang Mai
Another picture of the outdoor gym
I am not a gym person but after sweating over this I have decided this is Peak Gym, preferably if they are a bit rusty too
Evan and I at the beginning of our trip to Chiang Mai
I am grateful that I am Ev’s Dad. We loved our stay in Chiang Mai. I think it changed us both for the better.
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