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Thought ­Shepherd

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I ditched the idea of comments on my website years ago. I did not want to be the shepherd of other peoples thoughts, it was none of my business.

John Constable Cloud Study circa 1822
John Constable’s thoughts often drifted to clouds

The years have rolled by and I have reconsidered… perhaps sometimes it is my business. I went so far as to add a mailto link for each of my posts. A slower pace than the usual website comments. Send an email and your comment will be added to the post when the site gets updated.

I have never liked the automated comments systems. I was drawn into an arms race with spammers, bots and trolls. Spam made up the majority of comments which was a bit depressing.

Happily the occaisonal thoughtful message got through and that is why I am switching comments back on. Over time, on a rainy day, I will reattach those old comments. If you are interested in the mechanics I’ll write it up in a separate post.

The comments I get from humans are always a gift so, please go ahead and share your thoughts.

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  • rubenzo


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    Testing, testing

    • Norman


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      yup seems to work.

    • Ruben


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      I am only supplying my email address here. This does not get publicly posted but I may use it in the future to ID a regular commenter and give them ther own avatar.