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Pelican Comment ­System

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As previously posted I have added commenting to my site. I used the methodically named Pelican Comment System by Bernhard Scheirle. Bernard seems to have abandoned the project but luckily for me it is still working. There was a couple of glitches I ran into…

An etching depicting a pigeon standing
Pigeon post, not as fast as a Pelican Comment

The first one was listed as an issue, a simple fix, amending get_writer to _get_writer on line 89 of ../site-packages/pelican_comment_system/init.py

The next glitch was actually just my own brain not getting it. If a comment is not a direct reply to a previous comment then replyto is not a required value. Seems obvious now. A comment is basically the same as the rest of the posts, just a file. This is the bare minumum that’s needed:

date: 2021-1-21 15:00
author: Norman
Content of the comment.

Other values that can be used are as follows:

tag description
email the commentators email address
replyto the id of the comment one is replying to
website any website address given will be used to wrap the commenters name in a link
slug the persistent uri of the comment, if not used it gets computed from the filename
χ Where the arbritary string χ is parsed to be available in the theme as {{comment.χ}}

To do

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  • Matt


    Replied on

    Hi Ruben,

    I like your Pelican system! It also reminds me that you are a nerd! But a nice one!

    Since you asked, here is a link to some one string guitar playing from the one and only Abu Sabah

    Hope you’re well,


    • Ruben


      Replied on

      Shit, I just woke Re up playing that rusty sounding string ‘music’. I’d love to have seen your awkward appreciation of Abu Sabah’s performance 😜

      Yeah, still a nerd. Comments are currently just emails which get tacked on when I push an update out to the site. So, not very dynamic … Like me