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Thought spirals
Sometimes it feels like this.

I want to move the fence, make our yard bigger for our fat dog. Re does not want me to start without a landscaping consultation of some kind. Despite this I have mostly formed plans involving retaining walls and wire mesh fencing. The first step is the hardest, mine requires hirng a post hole digger and buying some posts and sleepers. Nothing from the aforementioned is achievable on a weekend. I suppose I could hire a post hole digger but working early on Monday precludes returning it. Re was working so I was unable to consult on the landscaping. The mesh wire has to be ordered from the metal supplies. The usual solution? I should work more. Take on more debt and pay someone to do build the fence. They would suggest the most cost effective fence for their business not the one I want. Unless I pay extra. Does the fat dog even care?

The above is just a fraction of the mundane moron thoughts that spiral through my brain in the background on the weekends. I have similar closed circuit thoughts revolving around other house maintenance tasks; around intending to improve my health; around travel… esacpe and so on. These spiraling thoughts are like crows over an empty vista looking for food and finding nothing.

As I observed these thoughts spiral in my head I was home with Davis. Davis who is now 10 had just spent his first night away. He attended another newly 10 year olds birthday party. I picked him up in the morning, he was tired and wanted to spend the day building a Lego spaceship. I sharpened the chainsaw and noticed the things in the house that needed doing. I did not do many of them for various well thought out reasons. I took fat dog and Davis out at lunchtime to meet Nan and Pop. We let the dog run on the beach, she whined for food scraps until I could not bear it and we went home. I left Davis at home watching a Star Wars film with the dog. I bought some pork chops home for dinner. Back at home Star Wars was on full volume. Davis had his headphones on and was watching youtube vids on his tablet. The dog whined.

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