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Overnight ­Train

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Looking down a jumbled train carriage with people sitting in seats
The inside of the carriage before bedtime

We caught the overnight train up from Bangkok to Chang Mai. It was lovely. The other passengers were friendly and we all exchanged travel stories. The staff bought us food and we settled in for a long journey.

Evan with food
Still recovering, hot but not hungry

As the day wore on staff came down the carriage and our second class seats were folded out into beds. The hard working train staff later bought us tasty treats.

Looking down a jumbled train carriage with curtains drawn and the bunk beds all set-up
The inside of the carriage after bedtime

We arrived the next morning on time. Ellen picked us up and took us on a whistle stop tour of her neighbourhood before setting us up in a swank overnight apartment. We had a shower and short nap.

In the arvo Ellen and her neighbour Donna took us out for what turned out to be a traumatic evening adventure.
More of which later …

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