a picture my son drew of a wave on a beach

Negev Storm

I wrote this in 1990 and later copied it out neatly because I like the memory.

It was probably the first decent sub-tropical storm I had ever seen. Being in the middle east at the time lent a distinct Old Testament air to my thoughts.

Here’s a sample:

The sound was immense. The sun had set and the storm was unleashed, like a volcanoe dropping from the sky.Supernatural arcs of light intersected the clouds. Woven balls of light flickered within the writhing cloud. I expected something to be created out of the maelstrom.

I won’t copy any more of it out, although there are only 450 words. I have always found it difficult to copy text verbatim. I was easily the slowest writer in my class at Wendron School and regularly found myself working through the morning break. My handwriting became expressively erratic as a result of the frustration of copying off the blackboard.

When I copy my own text I fight the urge to change it. I see so many horrible sentences that need slimming down and reworking.

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