a picture my son drew of a wave on a beach


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A scrappy old street do from Chiang Mai having a drink of water from one of several plastic cups
At the gym Ev and I went to there’s a dog called Bum. Bum is on one of the videos. He was much like this dog which we saw in town one day. Kind of ugly but proud of it.

Bum is one of the dogs that lives at Lanna Muay Thai. Like most Thai dogs, Bum has the wonderful ability to lay around and lick his balls all day. He remains relaxed regardless of the crazy traffic or fight training going on all around him.

here is a little video of Bum demonstrating his inner Zen:

Tired out again today - usual stuff.

Here is a video of Ev doing some pad-work:

Wong kicks him in the head.
It even has bit in the middle with me flapping about like a wet hen.


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