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Winter in BH

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an old gas bottle converted to a fireplace
Yard Fire

Winter has arrived in the Barrier Ranges. The smell of dirty woodsmoke permeates the night air. Firewood is selling for $250 a ute-load in Broken Hill. An expensive option for many in town. With so many ruinous empty sheds and houses it is likely the smell of the smoke hints at a community resorting to the use of firewood infused with paints, creosote and other old preserving chemicals. Of course the smell could also come from the mines.

Our occaisonal yard fires have been courtesy of fine wood delivered by Ted from the Bellinger Valley. A two day drive away. A rare treat. Our house is otherwise heated by a single gas heater and several electric oil storage heaters. A little less romantic but practical.

A supine dog and alert cat cozy on a turkish rug in front of a gas heater
Winnie and Jim relaxing in front of the gas heater
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