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We ­Moved

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Last Tuesday we emptied our little house into the back of a removal truck. After a quick tidy and a last tearful visit to family we set off on the trail to Broken Hill. Z&JB had to wait on some repairs to their car. They followed on at a more leisurely pace and were a couple of days behind us. We drove for ten or so hours and ended up spending the night at the Copper Motel in Cobar. The next morning we awoke to a call from the removal guys who had arrived and were unloading. Galvanised into action we hit the road and drove four hours across the plains either side of Wilcania. We saw great black eagles nesting in scrub trees and feeding off roadkill; turquoise feathered birds I’d never seen before and a squad of emus hanging around a water tank. We closed in on Broken Hill and our removal truck guys honked and waved as they passed us on their way back to Coffs. We found ourselves racing a train into town and by 11:30am we were pulling up outside our new house on the corner of Argent and Garnet Street.

The removal guys had done an awesome job of putting our stuff into all the right rooms. So we began to clean up and unpack. It’s been five days now and I have a feeling this is going to take a while. Z&JB arrived on Thursday. They have been working hard to help us make this place into our home. Yesterday we went for a walk to get some supplies and visit the train station. On the way we met Ozzie, a bloke who was sitting under the tree opposite our house with a beer; Allan, a bloke with a front garden of amazing cacti and Buster another bloke with a very odd looking cactus in his front yard.

The Australian and Britsh goverments have been advising everyone to get home before the global airline industry collapses. We had been ignoring them as Z&JB have been safe and comfortable here with us, however they both have houses and other obligations back in the UK. Yesterday we bit the bullet and managed to book a couple of flights back for mid May with Qatar. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the Indian Transpacific train does not get cancelled before then. If it does we have a long drive to get to the airport in Sydney. Most of the regional flights out here are cancelled. We have Z&JB for another couple of weeks. I will be sad to say goodbye.

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