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We have less than 20 hours left before boarding our plane back to Australia. I am full of the usual salamagundy mix of emotions. Let’s not trawl through that though. The past couple of weeks have been intense. Seeing friends and family like this always ends up feeling like an exorcism of their spirits. Their spirits which I carry with me on the other side of this little planet. 

I am not trying to be esoteric or religious when I write spirit. I believe this is perhaps made of the memories that we all carry in our selves. As an emigrant from Cornwall I carry these memories but have no recourse to keep them relevant to my life. Without the occasional interactions with Cornwall and the people my memories stay but rarely get updates. They become zombie spirits.

A long goodbye. Having conversations with those people who are often in my thoughts will, I hope, allow me to exorcise or transform those memories from zombies back into the living.


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