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Still Emptying Dozemary ­pool

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Time passes and I’ve removed another iteration of tregeagle.com, there is a hole in the shell and my thoughts keep running through.

Some Nerdy History

I don’t really remember when I first registered tregeagle.com. Sometime around 1999/2000, I think. I first hosted the website on Pair. I wrote my first pages in some version of Windows 3.1 notepad, and something called arachniweb or webspinner or something. It was all a bit rubbish and I had no idea what I was doing I still don’t really. In 2002 I got a job with Webcentral which came with free hosting somewhat reluctantly I closed my Pair account and used the servers that came with my job. My websites began to get built with abodminations like Frontpage and Coldfusion. Dreamweaver and Homesite were slightly better but I am a shite coder.

Eventually I saw the error of my ways and quit my job and moved to the beach and spent a few years messing around with Dreamhost and Drupal. Nowadays I am running it all out of a VPS with the excellent Linode and am becoming keen on a simpler approach using Octopress.

I look/ed like this on a good day:

in 1993, when I worked for Courier Systems - On my old BMW when I worked for Courier Systems back in the 90s
Muswell Hill, London, 1993, on my old BMW when I worked for Courier Systems
Me in a photo opp with a helicopter
in 2014, Wishing I had my own helicopter

I am currently at the end of my second year of a nursing degree. I have a break over the summer which is why I have time to piddle about with this stuff. I work as a retained firefighter. My spare time is spent hanging out with my family, chatting with my pal MJD and other stuff.

Like Jan Tregeagle I never seem to get to the end of my travails, the least I can do is pass the time.

So, welcome to another version of my web log.

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