a picture my son drew of a wave on a beach

Rum in the ­Bahamas

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Magnum PI can take the heat
Magnum PI can take the heat

I wish I was on a beach in the Bahamas. There might be a cool breeze; it might not be quite so insanely hot and the cocktails, unike the one I just invented, would not be so disgusting. I stuck some coconut milk in a jar with sugar syrup, ice and rum. The coconut milk would have been better employed in a curry; the rum to fuel my car and the ice back in the arctic where the world needs it. My son gave the rum to me over a year ago I’ve been trying to use up since then. I still have half the bottle. I am considering giving it to the man who sits under the palm trees outside the supermarket. I’m sure he would appreciate it more than me.

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