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After Chalkahlom mentioned Syncthing on the microblog the other day I think I have found a possible workflow for this blog. So here I am with a keyboard plugged into my phone…

R and I just spent a night in an Airbnb here in Byron Bay. The decor is straight out of Instagram. Real life aping our collective dreams. I wonder if it loses authenticity in doing so?


Neither of us slept much. The rattling blinds and suburban sounds were not home. We did not come to Byron to sit in our accomodation though. Yesterday we poked around the shops and stopped off for cocktails and oysters in several venues. The best thing was to sit and watch the other people. Us humans are endlessly fascinating.

On the way back to our instapartment we caught Ben Jansz singing in the alleyway. It was excellent. Living in Coffs Harbour with it’s crap venues and casino-pubs means I rarely get to hear live acts. Ben reminded me it is worth making the effort.

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