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Foul ­Weather

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It was the Saltwater Freshwater Festival yesterday. Suzy and I enjoyed it, we were volunteering to help out. Rodney and Agrippa took Zaida with them. I found myself hosting the tent for the tribal elders. A french woman kept coming into the tent and leaving her kids there for me to baby-sit and feed whilst she got into the moshpit for some dancing. She was not an aboriginal elder. Some aboriginal youngsters came in and stuffed armloads of We all had fun I think. Zaida got a swim at the Jetty which she liked. After we all got home the heavens opened. It’s been bucketing down all night and still is. I feel sorry for Zaida in the caravan and have no idea what to suggest we do in this foul weather. All we can hope for is that it lets up before too long. Suzy suggested to me LaserQuest. I retorted that I cannot drive. Fuck.

Squashed my thumb yesterday the nail bed has a blood patch. It will go black and probably drop off over the next month or so. It is annoying. As is the rain.

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