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Back in Broken ­Hill

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I got back into Broken Hill on Saturday night and slept like the dead. That journey home absolutely kills. Yesterday I just loved being home. Having a shower in my own shower, eating with Re & H on the couch, watching some telly and going to bed. In my own freaking bed. Just great.

This morning I took Winnie for a walk up Round Hill in a dense fog which lifted as we came back down again. I paid about $6,000 worth of bills. Councils Rates, car insurance and other random bills, they sure add up. The pool is of course green so I’m working on that sucker. I’ve more or less unpacked. I’ve done a load of laundry and have a lamb stew slowly cooking in the oven. Re and H will be home soon. Tomorrow I start back at work.

So that’s that.

I was just reading this catskull post. I like stuff like this because it reminds me of useful HTML elements.

The <details> disclosure element I had forgotten about.
Click this summary to see it in action
The Details Disclosure element offers additional information which can be displayed or hidden with a click. It has an open attribute that can be used to make it default to open instead of closed. Nothing could be simpler. I love HTML.

Another one which I never really considered particularly useful is the <mark> element. Maybe I missed that it is useful to just to quickly highlight a word.

Anyway that’s all I have to say for now.

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