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An Apology to Mr ­White

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Neil G, circa ~1989
This post is possible because of Neil Goodman (pictured) who first introduced me to Andy Whites, Rave On. Thanks Neil.

As I write this I am listening to Andy Whites’ latest album, This Garden is Only Temporary for the second time. It really is a bloody good album. Earlier this morning I was walking through the dusty outskirts of Broken Hill with my fat dog immersed in Andy’s lyrics and tunes attributing my own stories and emotions to fit them. Get it Right This Time followed by Not So Far Away actually had me tearing up like the emotional old fart I am. No mean feat for a bit of music that’s new to me.

This Garden is Only Temporary, Andy Whites best yet

It’s a funny thing about music, the old songs get more and more powerful with time. As I get older it’s easy to get stuck in the rut of listening to that old stuff. I cancelled my Spotify account to get out of that rut. I am really loving this new album. Consciously listening to a new album instead of just streaming the same old shite has gifted me with a new soundtrack for the map of my life.

Whilst writing this post I dicovered Andy has a podcast in which he picks apart This Garden is Only Temporary. Brilliant.


This post was from a very old text file on my laptop called apology.md. The file contained one sentence reminding me that I need to apologise to Andy White for a post I wrote 7 years ago

Andy, I do apologise for that old post and thank you for your songs.

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