Alien Terror and Inclement Weather

Which is scarier, Alien or ET?
Which is scarier, Alien or ET?

Agrippa and Choppy had been talking about the Alien movies for quite some time. Agrippa decided it was time for him to brave the terrors. Last night we stayed up and watched the first Alien movie. Agrippa had never seen it before and was slightly terrified throughout.

Choppy was unsympathetic.

Alien bursts out of abdomen, the cast of Scrubs looks horrified
The ‘John Hurt births an Alien out the belly scene’ always reminds me of working in the Emergency Department…

When the alien baby was being birthed out of John Hurts’ belly Choppy was admonishing Agrippa to keep his eyes open and unblock his ears. He went on to tell of his stalwart bravery when he first watched Alien. I let Agrippa bury his face in my chest and put my arm around him.

I remembered Choppys sheer terror at seeing ET hiding amongst the cuddly toys.

Which is scarier, Alien or ET?MJD, we generally talk about books or complain at the heat.

When the weather turns inclement the back deck becomes a cold place of misery. The grass grows even more rapidly, it cannot be cut. The dog refuses to wade through the wet tufts of uncut grass to shit. The tin roof amplifies the impact of every rain drop making conversation difficult. Even listening to the radio becomes an ordeal. The forecasters are saying this rain has been a long time coming and we can expect it to stay. Sorry Ma.

Forecast for rain

life is fleeting

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