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Again ­again

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| Here I am starting again with another fresh blog. | My aims for this thing have changed once again. Now I’m using Nikola, a python based static site generator. It’s a bit more complex than I really wanted but I’m less inclined to build my own scripts these days. Life is too short to spend hours in front of a keyboard just to ensure my unread posts are nicely filed. Having said that I shall of course attempt to do that.

This is my first post written in reStructuredText format. It’s what Nikola defaults to using. The theory is that I can just write as I would normally with a few textual devices to introduce styles like strong emphasis and monospaced text/code or even stupid lists of things I worry about:

  1. Will my kids be OK?
  2. Why am I here? Should I go and stand somewhere else?
  3. Am I doing this life thing correctly?
  4. Why am I so thick?
  5. When can I begin drinking?
  6. Why don’t I learn the fiddle so that I can just go and be a tramp like Laurie Lee.

Unfortunately it’s not really working out for me yet. The text structure required to effect the way the final HTML looks seems to me a bit finicky. Luckily Nikola supports lots of different formats so I will keep experimenting unti I find something I like.

I have imported all my old markdown posts and will probably slowly add older posts, if I’m ever at a really loose end. Those of you in the know may notice my use of pseudonyms. I felt it only fair I give the protaganists in my life a chance to remain anonymous. Except Zaida because she’s my Mum and can of course do no wrong.

Writing this way is akin to wearing a straight-jacket whilst dancing the polka. The final result may at least be comical but more likely dull. I should probably stick to a blunt pencil and an old exercise book.

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