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Why is it all so fucking hard?
I am not reinventing the wheel. I just wanted a simple way to post text and the odd picture online. I do not want to post via some ‘service’ in which I end up being owned by them. I did not want to install and learn how to maintain some complex system which eventually changes or dies due to the developer tinkering it to hell.

I started blogging with a variety of tools (anyone remember Arachnophilia?); Blosxom and Notepad. It was never about the actual content for me. It was the process of making the fucker work. I made a CMS with ASP and later I used the much cooler php. I used Worpress. I attempted and failed to ascend the infamous Drupal learning curve, I really tried. I’m no techno-mage. When I gave up I used a myriad of services such as Google pages; Blogger; Tumblr; Instagram; Posthaven; Snapchat… and yes, Facebook.

Looking at the history of ordinary people trying to post stuff online it seems obvious now. Facebook, Snapchat, Google and the like sucking up all our words, all our thoughts, our conversations… I really fucking hate what the web is becoming. It’s just horrible now. We are all having our souls ripped out of us by these huge slimy companies hand in hand with nefarious government agencies.

One of these days I’ll just dump my accounts and maybe I’ll keep my one little server ticking on a dusty corner of the web. All I want is Markup.pl, some string replacements and a template.

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