Who is Bob Fiddlesworth? Bob was a bright young man who would one day inherit Frozen Futures from his business-like yet distantly loving Mother. Until he 'died' as a result of a car accident. His brain was cryogenically frozen and at the beginning of our story he finds himself waking up in a new vat grown body. The first amongst all of Frozen Futures clients and indeed the worlds cryogenically frozen people to be awoken.

From a life of nerdly studies and comfortable wealth if not riches he awakens to find that the world has moved on. Many of the outlandish things he thought may happen have happened and are now considered quaintly old-fashioned. Many of the things he thought would have been forgotton or discarded are still in use. For example, umbrellas and hamburgers.

It becomes apparent that Bob is no longer quite right, his brain must have been adled. It is not obvious exactly what is wrong. Perhaps some sort of mild autistic behaviour. Bob soon discovers he has some kind of telepathy/empathy and can understand animals perfectly and they him.