Bertha White the daughter of a respectable couple from a small rural village. Growing up in the household of two medical doctors Bertha was always destined to enter the family business. After passing through university with mildly above average grades Bertha worked in a variety of medical positions. Eventually at the age of 23 Bertha found a permanent position at Frozen Futures. Bertha did not take her job too seriously. She attended dying patients in what would most likely be their final hours. Many of the patients believed differently. They had paid to have themselves cryogenically frozen at the earliest possible moment after death. Hoping to Her parents did not approve and her friends were non-plussed. Why would a sensible girl like Bertha work for an organisation that was essentially a con.

Bertha White worked as a nurse in the employ of Frozen Futures the cryogenics firm. Now she is a lead scientist and a director. Frozen Futures have just recovered it's first client, Mr Fiddlesworth (34 years later). Bertha was a pretty young (22 now 56) nurse when Bob (19) died and was fond of him. After Bob dies Bertha is very upset she does not really believe in all this cryo nonsense. But over time as it becomes apparent it may actually work she becomes eneamoured with the idea of recovering the handsome young fellow who should have inherited the business. She workd hard and always believes. Bob Fiddlesworth becomes a light for Bertha leading her and Frozen Futures actually succeed.