1. Tsambikos

    Emrys Tsambikos Tyler Joy

    We have decided to include the name Tsambikos in Emrys’ name!! I might explain why later… Oh and just in (on Charlies’ request), here is a snap of me with my new little boy (Unfortunately I’ve lost this photo)

    I’m off to bed now …

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  2. Emrys’ Birth Story

    Hmm before I forget…

    Cheri was getting contractions on and off for a couple of days but they were not at all regular. Eventually at around 4 or 5 pm on the 27th of February, last Wedenesday they started to come with more regularity.

    As they were still very gentle …

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  3. Welcome

    Welcome! You have found the place for free Computer Training and Resources

    Welcome to Tregeagle.
    I have decided to revamp this site, so expect to see some major changes in the future. I have moved our training and computer help to rentageek which will be maintained by Matt and me.

    I am going to return this site to its original path and …

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  4. Negev Storm

    I wrote this in 1990 and later copied it out neatly because I like the memory.

    It was probably the first decent sub-tropical storm I had ever seen. Being in the middle east at the time lent a distinct Old Testament air to my thoughts.

    Here’s a sample:

    The …

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