I recently bought some TaoTronics noise cancelling headphones. I thought they'd make the long-haul flight home to the UK less painful.

As an itirant miserable bastard I have found they also work to make long-haul life less painful. Sometimes I just want to switch the world off and step out for a bit. These headphones give me a bit a peace to recompose myself. Not as much peace as the electronic blinkers Panasonic is currently flogging though.

I chose life

I think if I was that desparate I could probably achieve peace with a sack over my head prior to a short walk on a busy motorway.

Next Year

At times I have a plan. I have been known to make a five year plan and more or less stick to it. More happenstance, less plan to be honest. I had planned to quit my previous relationship and go live in the Falklands or the Australian outback. My kids would get monosyllabic postcards occaisonally with no return address. Eventually I'd drown in the frozen wastes of the South Atlantic or get bitten by a death adder far from the nearest billabong and they'd never hear from me again. I was going to grow a beard, stop talking to people and just knuckle down to hard-bitten bachelorhood. I tweaked that plan a bit. Instead I hooked up with a kind and caring woman and her little boy. We remade the plan and it is a much better plan. I stayed nearby and weathered the break up. I have not stopped talking but I do talk less. I have grown a beard.

Now it is time for another plan. Happenstance will no doubt take precedent. Nonetheless I'll give it a try and get down to some boring specifics.


I have been considering studying for my Honours in Oncology beginning in February next year. I have to decide this week as the applications for scholarships close at the end of October.


Alternatively, I could just spend a year goofing off. I could work less; spend time with my family; ride my bicycle; travel; fix my house. Maybe I will go to Uni the year after that.

It's a no brainer really. You know it.