Demo Map

Lets start off with the ‘Keep it Simple Stupid’ philosophy. Before I rush in to build something let’s try and do this by using a specific ‘MudMap’ template. Work in progress so bear with me…

If my GPX-source is /GPS-routes/OSM/3305410.gpx then I should be able to put that into the template map using something like this:


The template currently uses the Leaflet demo map and Petazzoni’s GPX plugin to show my gps route.
Leaflet also supports these plugins.

I’m thinking.. this map depends on the above projects as well as OpenStreetMap (OSM).I would prefer as few external dependencies as possible. I don’t have the time or skill to build my own OSM or even evidently my own Pelican plugin. I guess I could pull in the OSM data via a Squid Proxy to speed things up. It seems overkill for a blog that basically my Mum, some bots and I access with any regularity

I’m out of time for tinkering with this. For the time being I have just hardcoded the following demo map into the template.


  • Distance:  mi
  • Duration: 
  • Pace: /mi
  • Avg HR:  bpm
  • Elevation: + ft, - ft (net:  ft)