Emmy about to leave for his first day at school

Em's First Day

So after a few days of to'ing and fro'ing Em decided he'd like to go to Sawtell School.

So, yesterday we enrolled him and this morning he went. Easy as that.

Thursday 20th March 2014

Em Drives

2 months 2 weeks ago
but it's not a jet planeEm Driving

Don't tell anyone but I gave Em his first driving lesson the other day.

He quite enjoyed it.

Ems Birthday

2 months 3 weeks ago
The boys eat cake

Em was 12 years old last week we had a 'chalk chase' in the rain which ended up in a cafe. Much cake was consumed.

Triffid Egg

2 months 3 weeks ago
Spiky CucumberChooks not lay this.

This is growing in our yard. It makes me nervous.

Is it some kind of vegetable hedgehog?

No storms, just drug lords.

3 months 2 weeks ago
Sawtell Beach WarningIce? Ice? I see no icebergs?

Went for a walk down the beach earlier. New informational signs have been put in place. Not sure if the council sanctioned them.

Sawtell Fun Day

4 months 3 weeks ago
Sawtell Fun Day

On New Years Day each year Sawtell is host to the Sawtell Fun Day. This year I was on the old Garford fire engine with Alan. That's me on the right. We chugged through the high street chucking lollies to the crowd, it has been a Fun Day in Sawtell.

Happy New Year!

Placement done, next up UK

5 months 4 weeks ago
Rowena accepts a posthmous award on behalf of John LeeJohn Lee

Em and I set off for Engerland on Sunday. We had a few last minute dramas with changing flight schedules. Hopefully we'll still make it.

Last weekend I attended a DuneCare event in which the late John Lee's daughter, Rowena, accepted a posthumous award for all of Johns work. I met a lovely bunch of people from Landcare and the Mayor of Coffs. The ensuing week back at Kempsey hospital was a blur of wards and new faces. I was so knackered driving home today, I reckon I had a few microsleeps along the way :/

Tomorrow I prepare for the trip to see the rellies. Then on Sunday I fly.

Kempsey Placement - week 1

6 months 1 week ago
Snowy SawtellGiant hailLost dog found at Wins Thai KitchenFixing up an old Bedford fire-engineCrescent Head

About to head off for my second week of placement at Kempsey. I finished last week with a run and swim at Crescent head, what beautiful place. It was a busy week and I did not get to rest on the weekend. C rescued a stray dog which turned up at Wins all a-tremble from Friday's thunderstorm. Ev needed picking up from his new job at 2:30am, he really needs a licence. We had Saturdays mad hailstorm which gave me plenty of work to do with Sawtell Firies.

Now I need to jump in the car and head back to Kempsey.

Boambee Creek

6 months 3 weeks ago
PippyEmrys Swimming across Boambee CreekThrow the ballJay and Em

A last walk down at Boambee Creek.

Tuckers Rocks

6 months 3 weeks ago
Picnic at Tuckers RockJay at Tuckers RockA rare picture of Cheri and myself in the same frame.SnakeI just posted this so I would not forget the phone numberEm buries a crab

We had a lovely walk and picnic down at Tuckers Rocks earlier this week. It was my last family shindig before I head off for 3 weeks at Kempsey hospital for my student placement. When I get back I'll have a day at home before flying off for another three weeks this time to the UK. I will finally get home 4 days before Christmas.

Dearie me.


7 months 2 days ago
3000cc Rotary MonsterEm and JimNr DorrigoSaltsterEm and JimDorrigo Map

Em and I drove up to Dorrigo with Jimmy and Greg.

We had lunch at Juan's Cafe. We admired the monstrous 3000cc rotary engined Big Ned. We then headed down to Dangar Falls for a walk. At the insistence of Jimmy and Em we visited the Dorrigo National Park and walked/ran around.

It was a fine day, topped off with ice cream on the way home, thanks Bellingen Gelato.